Zulanda nursing minor injuries after being attacked by thugs

Former Swangz Avenue singer, songwriter, producer, and singer Zulanda real name Julius James Baker Ssembuusi survived thugs last night.

Taking to his TikTok platform, Zulanda revealed that he was using a Boda Boda to travel before thugs ambushed him with seemingly the intention of making off with his property.

The unforeseen incident happened in Buziga along Buziga Islamic raise, where one of the thugs approached him from behind and grabbed him.

The motorcycle Zulanda was traveling fell with him, fortunately, he got up fast and ran uphill to save his life.

As he ran out of breath, the thugs retreated with failed plans. At the time he shared the news, Zulanda was spitting blood, likely to be coming from his injured lip.


Furthermore, Zulanda warned his fans and followers to watch their surroundings, attributing his survival to God.

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Just survived boda boda thugs in Buziga along Buziga islamic raise
The swollen lip was a result of the kabadiya the one that came from behid me
My boda fell with me but i got up first and ran uphill one of them shouted leave him but i wad getting out of breath
Im spitting blood i think from bitting that lip hard as i was falling down guys watch your surroundings I attribute this survival to God


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