Suuna Ben

A Look into Suuna Ben’s yet-to-be-finished house

Renowned DJ, radio, and TV host Suuna Ben is on the verge of finishing his new mansion.

Suuna Ben is one of the DJs who have made a name themselves in the deejaying industry, thanks to his “Binyanya” skills.

Suuna’s craft has over the years propelled him financially, hence establishing a place to call home in Garuga along Entebbe Road among other accomplishments.

According to reports, this accomplishment is a joint effort between Suuna and his fiance Bukedde TV reporter Mary Nambwayo with whom he shares a baby.

Suuna Ben

Suuna and Nambwayo’s accomplishment came to light following their misunderstanding last night, which saw the DJ force his baby mama out of the house.

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Subsequently, Mary Nambwayo flaunted the land title of the land where the mansions seats, and expressed her dissatisfaction with Suuna Ben for evicting her out of their house with all her belongings.


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