Cindy, Sheebah, Kasuku

Winner Of The Cindy Vs Sheebah Music Battle Takes Home Ugx 100M – Kasuku

Media personality and the stage in charge for Cindy and Sheebah’s forthcoming music battle Isaac Daniel Katende alias Kasuku has revealed that the winner of the battle takes home Ugx 100M cash prize.

It is a few hours from the long-awaited Cindy Vs. Sheebah music battle at Kololo Independence Grounds.

Slated for 15 September 2023, Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah Karungi will be locking horns in an effort to settle their musical grievances.

Ahead of their battle, the pair held a successful “Pre-Game” debate, which saw the pair engage in a question-and-answer session, during which they had to react to each other’s queries.

The debate was followed by Sheebah’s last rehearsal at their event venue before Cindy Sanyu followed the lead.

Cindy, Sheebah,

During the event’s final touches, Kasuku addressed the press, where he emphasized the rules and guidelines that will be followed during the battle.

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Kasuku went ahead to reveal that the musicians received Ugx 100M each as performance fees, and the winner of the music battle would receive an additional Ugx 100M.

Furthermore, Kasuku mentioned that the winner of the battle would be handed her Ugx 100M cash prize during the press conference that will be held immediately after the show.

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  1. in my view, sheebah failed to deliver and for got it was abattle though she had the energy but Cindy delivered and moved the crowd because at some point sheebah lost truck of the band. she was centered in to one point of comparison of weath. we have wealth but we don’t have to announce to everyone.
    the battle had rules and regulations. simple follow or breach. lesson we learn from our mistakes.

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