Anita Fabiola, Mark Mubiru

Anita Fabiola Addresses Rumors of Breakup with Husband Mark Ronald

Socialite Anita Fabiola has addressed rumors suggesting a split between her and her husband Mark Ronald.

Recently, Mark Ronald posted a video on his Instagram story where he appeared to be criticizing women with names starting with the letter “A” and ending with an “ah” sound, including his wife.

The caption on the video sparked speculation about their relationship status. However, Anita Fabiola while responding to our Instagram post, dismissed them as false and unfounded.

She questioned the lack of humor in critics, revealing that she and her husband watched the video together, shared a laugh, and then he posted it on his Instagram story.

Anita Fabiola

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She made it clear that there is no truth behind the circulating meme. With Fabiola’s clarification, the rumors of a breakup have been put to rest, confirming that the couple’s relationship is still strong and they are happily married.


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