Anita Fabiola

Anita Fabiola lists her achievements in the past 10 years ahead of her 30th birthday

Socialite Anita Fabiola born Anita Kyarimpa has looked back at the achievements she has achieved over the past decade.

At present, Fabiola is in the final week of her twenties, as she gears up to make it to the third floor.

Anita Fabiola took to her Instagram stories to show appreciation for the previous decade, where she accomplished many of her goals and experienced significant growth in her physical, mental, financial, and spiritual aspects.

Fabiola revealed that she met the love of her life, got married, and started her dream beauty brand which is thriving to the present day in the past decade.

Anita Fabiola

Additionally, Fabiola noted that she has traveled to the world, seen all the places, and had a beautiful experience.

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Her career soared during the same period, as she hosted many shows, events, and red carpets all over Africa and she doesn’t take this milestone for granted.

Below are Anita Fabiola’s detailed achievements.

  1. The best shape of my life. I live a soft, comfortable, and beautiful life.
  2. Made so many meaningful friendships
  3. I’ve been going through my journals & vision boards and I’m exactly where I envisioned/dreamed to be at 30. I’m so blessed and highly favored.
  4. My 20s have been full of ups and downs but I’ve picked myself up each time and kept moving. The strength & confidence I have right now can’t be shaken.
  5. For my next decade (30-40) Whatever version you have of me doesn’t exist anymore !! it’s family & business that take top priority.
  6. I’ve always had very high self-esteem but now I feel unstoppable. Proud of my age and I’m excited for the next chapter.
  7. I’ve set new goals for my 30s. Watch me achieve them all.
  8. I worked at Capital FM briefly. I was 21.
  9. I started hosting the Miss Uganda pageant at 22 and I’ve been hosting it every year since.
  10. 24 year old Fabiola. I don’t have any pictures of my hosting at NTV but I was 19 when I did the Be My Date Show. This was NBS TV. I was 24
  11. 26th birthday. PS: I was 24 when I met my husband
  12. Got engaged at 27.


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