Chosen Becky, Aroma

Aroma explains why she fell out with Chosen Becky after the release of their collaboration

Singer Aroma has expressed her dissatisfaction with fellow singer Chosen Becky following the release of their collaborative song dubbed “New Comer”

Aroma disclosed that she financed the entire song-making process, including the audio and video production.

However, after the song was released, Chosen Becky displayed reluctance in promoting the project and even went against their agreement by uploading it on her YouTube channel.

When Aroma attempted to address the issue with Chosen Becky, she refused to answer her calls and subsequently blocked her on all platforms.

Chosen Becky, Aroma

As a result, Aroma felt compelled to relay the message to Chosen Becky’s manager and baby daddy, Dictator Amir, which only worsened the situation as the “Bankuza” singer believed that Aroma was pursuing her man.

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Since then, Aroma and Chosen Becky have had a strained relationship and continue to have disagreements.


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