Flona refutes having a romantic relationship with her former manager

Singer Flona real name Florence Nankinga has opened up about rumours suggesting that she had a romantic relationship with her former manager at CRK music label.

A few years back, Flona was signed under the CRK Planet Limited record label.

While under the label, rumors swirled suggesting that the singer had a romantic affair with the label boss Robert Kisozi.

While appearing in an interview with Spark TV, the “Kingambe” singer poured cold water on the allegations, deeming them baseless and untrue.

The singer explained that this was one of the factors she never renewed her contract with the label, following the culmination of her tenure.


Furthermore, Flona made clear that while still signed under CRK, she was in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, who she claimed is helping in pushing her career before pledging to unveil him to the public soon.

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She went on to note that despite exiting CRK Planet, she is soaring music career, and certain that her former management is glad that she is still thriving in the music industry.


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