Gravity Omutujju, Mikie Wine

Gravity Omutujju and Mikie Wine’s Concert Dates Clash

Rapper Gravity Omutujju and Mikie Wine are gearing up to hold their respective concerts on the same date.

Last week, Gravity Omutujju announced the dates and venue for his annual concert dubbed “Embaga Ya Isma N’amina”

Over the weekend, Mikie Wine took to his socials, announcing his intentions to hold his concert dubbed “Tusabaale”

Despite anticipating holding their concerts at different venues as Gravity will be at Lugogo Cricket Oval and Mikie Wine at Jahazi Pier in Munynyo, these concerts share the same date as they both opted for 07th September 2024.

Gravity Omutujju

As the two musicians prep for their concerts, their respective fan bases are looking forward to showing up to support their stars.

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