Iryn Namubiru

Iryn Namubiru reveals her charity work is not politically affiliated

Veteran singer Iryn Namubiru has quashed reports suggesting that she is planning to run for any political position in the country after her charity work.

While appearing in an interview, Iryn Namubiru revealed that during her performance hiatus, she has been extending a helping hand to the less privileged mothers and children in Mityana.

She added that the funds that go towards the cause are normally raised by her and the fan groups, before equipping the needy with day-to-day supplies.

Iryn quashed reports suggesting that she is currently doing charity to win the hearts of Mityana citizens, ahead of pursuing her political career.

Iryn Namubiru

The singer made it clear that she started doing charity in 1998 and her NGO Gather for Children started in 2006, and if she had any intentions of running for any political position she would have much earlier.

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Furthermore, Iryn explained that her primary goal of engaging in charity is to elevate people’s lives as a Ugandan citizen and has no hidden motives.


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