Kid Dee

Kid Dee’s song deleted from YouTube over alleged vulgarity

Singer and dancer Kid Dee born Denish Duncan is frustrated after YouTube deleted his latest song release over alleged vulgarity.

Venting his frustration, Kid Dee revealed that a few days back he released his brand new single dubbed “Genda Olyeza,” before sharing it on his YouTube channel.

To his dismay, the song was pulled down by YouTube, claiming its lyrics went against the platform’s community guidelines on vulgar lyrics.

The singer explained that he has been trying to re-upload the song three consecutive times, but YouTube has steadfastly been deleting it.

Kid Dee

He went on to explain that this is not the first time his songs have been targeted by the platform, as some of his recent projects were also deleted over similar claims.

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Kid made it known that he is working with some experts to help him solve issue, as he believes it is being reported by some of his rivals.


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