Kataleya and Kandle

K&K (Kataleya and Kandle) return to the music scene after falling out with Theron Music

At the beginning of this year, singers Namakula Hadiijah (Kataleya) and Nabatuusa Rebecca Robins (Kandle) of (Kataleya and Kandle) music duo parted ways with their former management at Theron Music, leading to a hiatus from the music scene.

Unable to resolve their differences with their previous management, the duo has now found new management to continue their music careers.

With their social media accounts taken over by Theron Music, Kataleya and Kandle have created new profiles and are encouraging their fans to follow them for updates on their upcoming projects.

The duo can now be found on social media under the name K&K Music (Kataleya & Kandle), where they have posted photos indicating their return to the music scene.

Kataleya and Kandle

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Reports suggest that the duo is currently working on several music projects that will soon be available on their streaming platforms.


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