Lil Pazo Lunabe, Irene Ntale

Lil Pazo Lunabe Longs to win Irene Ntale’s Heart

Singer Lil Pazo Lunabe publicly expresses love for former Swangz Avenue singer Irene Ntale.

While appearing in an interview on YouTube, Lil Pazo Lunabe revealed that a few weeks back he had a short conversation with Irene Ntale, during which she addressed him as Mr. Nkudi due to his trending controversial song but up to now her soothing voice still resonates in his mind.

He added that he asked her to get time off her busy schedule to visit him in the ghetto, but he is uncertain if Ntale will consider the request.

Lil Pazo added that he rarely admires fellow musicians, but Irene Ntale’s beauty makes her exceptional.

He further noted that initially, he had a crush on Florance Nampijja ever since she started working at BBS Terefayina in 2016, but his efforts to win her heart proved futile.

Lil Pazo, Ssuuna Ben

The Nkudi singer went on to explain that despite not being good-looking and having a lot of money, he is determined to love Irene Ntale with all his heart, before urging her to give him a chance.

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Irene Ntale with due respect I beg you, help me and love me, I am yearning for you enough is enough.


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