Canary Mugume, Sasha Ferguson

“My husband can’t let me be single” Sasha Ferguson on parting ways with Canary Mugume

Journalist Canary Mugume’s wife Sasha Ferguson has responded to rumours suggesting their relationship hit a dead end.

For several months now, Sasha Ferguson and Canary Mugume’s marriage has been subjected to allegations that it is no more.

Despite the rumors, the couple remained resolute in their affair, and Canary Mugume recently issued a stern warning to fellow journalist Kasuku against criticizing his marriage.

Earlier today, Sasha while responding to a comment urging her to share the single life experience, revealed that unfortunately, her husband can’t let her be single.

Canary Mugume, Sasha Ferguson, Cairo Mugume
“But how is single life? Share with us the experience Madam Sasha” Reads the comment.
“Unfortunately, my husband cant let me be single Kati awo simanyi” Sasha Ferguson responded.

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Sasha’s response puts to bed rumours surrounding her marriage with Canary suggesting that they parted ways.


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