Sasha Brighton

Sasha Brighton recounts battle with depression after pregnancy and breakup

Sasha Brighton shares her experience of going through a period of depression after parting ways with her baby daddy shortly after getting pregnant.

According to Sasha Brighton, she faced a series of challenges during her pregnancy, which ultimately led to her experiencing depression.

She opened up about her baby daddy ending the relationship while she was still pregnant, and even after giving birth, he showed no interest in checking on her or their child.

Sasha recalls the difficulties that many mothers face after childbirth, often finding herself in tears while taking care of her baby.

Sasha Brighton

However, she expresses her gratitude for having her family by her side, providing comfort and support during this challenging time, helping her regain a sense of normalcy.

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Sasha emphasizes her gratitude for overcoming her depression and the fact she and the baby daddy are living their best lives separately.

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