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Shakiraa Shakirah confronts Prima Kadarshi in fiery social media rant

Singer Shakiraa Shakirah born Shakira Kyebalaba has responded to socialite and beautician Prima Kadarshi’s recent scathing remakes.

Yesterday Prima Kadarshi took to her personal Facebook account and vented her frustration with Shakiraa Shakirah and Gravity Omutujju’s latest song “Doozi.”

Prima, who wasn’t impressed by Gravity and Shakira’s craftmanship in the song, revealed that their new project is an example of two empty tins meeting.

Gravity and Shakira Shakira new song is the real example of when two empty tins meet.
Shakira Shakira

Upon crossing paths with Prima’s criticism, Shakira was so quick to take to her TikTok live broadcast and had no kind words in response.

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Shakiraa revealed that Prima is fond of attacking musicians, to get relevance on social media.

The singer noted that despite branding herself as a “Kadarshi” Prima has never jetted to the US, but instead travels to Dubai to engage in suspicious activities.


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