Spice Diana, Sheebah

Spice Diana responds to Sheebah’s Sipimika, brands her feminism and Mama Dem persona fake | AUDIO

Source Management singer Spice Diana has entered the recording booth to respond to her longtime rival Sheebah’s verse in the Sipimika remix with Yung Mulo.

For quite some time now, these two artists have been engaged in a bitter feud, exchanging unpleasant remarks on multiple occasions due to personal reasons.

In her upcoming unreleased track, Spice has unveiled a teaser where she directly confronts Sheebah, hurling various insults and derogatory remarks towards her.

After listening to a 26-second audio clip obtained by this website, it is evident that Spice Diana sternly advises Sheebah against comparing herself to her.

Spice Diana, Sheebah

Furthermore, she passionately urges Sheebah to cease disrespecting her and implores God to cleanse her of her malicious intentions.

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Spice Diana firmly asserts that everything about Sheebah is artificial, including her Swag, Mama Dem persona, Feminism, and Farmer Dem image.

Listen to the audio below;


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