Stecia Mayanja

Stecia Mayanja Opens Up About Quitting Music for Retirement in Canada

Renowned singer and actress Stecia Mayanja has opened up about having her retirement in Canada.

The veteran singer is renowned for her musical prowess and broad repertoire of love songs.

However, a few months back, Stecia traced the country exit, to embark on her treatment and retirement in Canada.

While appearing in one of the live streams, Stecia Mayanja revealed that she had always dreamed of settling in Canada with her kids, a country that had brought her immense joy over the years.

She explained that after battling peculiar illnesses a few years back, well-wishers raised money for her travel to Canada to get specialized treatment for her severe headache and body pressure which had seen her admitted to the ICU on different occasions.

Stecia Mayanja

The singer noted that she is glad her dreams came true, as she is currently pursuing her goals in Canada.

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Furthermore, Stecia Mayanja expressed her dislike for the Uganda music industry following the challenges she faced while still an active musician.


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