Stunna TNG

Stunna TNG signs Janny Media as his East African promotions manager

Renowned singer Stunna TNG real name Omar Salah Omar signs DJ Janny P of Janny Media as his East African promotions manager.

Stunna originates from the sandy coast of Mombasa Kenya however, he carries out his daily obligations in the sandy dunes of Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Stunna TNG is a rapper, songwriter, and artist dedicated to his craft and growing his fan base beyond boundaries.

He is widely considered among the greatest rappers ever due to his electrifying performances and captivating songs.

Stunna carefully crafts his works, making them able to resonate well with music lovers on a global scale.

Stunna TNG

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Building success from his previously released tracks, he is thrilled to announce his upcoming album which promises to expand his riveting narratives to his expectations.


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