Rema Namakula

Video of Rema Namakula sparks pregnancy rumors | WATCH

A video clip featuring singer Rema Namakula rubbing shoulders with a fellow musician has sparked pregnancy rumors among netizens.

During one of her gigs over the weekend, Rema had a moment with fellow singer Aaronx before their performance.

In the video captured, Rema could be seen having a slightly jutting tummy, which saw netizens suggest that the singer could be expecting her second child with Dr. Hamza Ssebunya.

While Rema and Dr. Hamza Ssebunya have one child together, Rema Namakula has two children in total as of now, as she had a daughter from a previous failed romantic relationship with fellow singer Eddy Kenzo.

Rema Namakula, Dr Hamza Ssebunya

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Following the rumors hitting social media, numerous well wishes and congratulatory messages have been sent to Rema Namakula and her husband, as they eagerly await the arrival of their second child.


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