Alien Skin

Why sound was sabotaged midway through Alien Skin’s performance at Hamz Nakivubo Stadium

On June 1, 2024, the Hamz Nakivubo Stadium was officially inaugurated. During the grand opening, a lineup of renowned musicians entertained the guests throughout the event.

However, during Alien Skin’s performance, the sound was intentionally disrupted, leading to cutting short his performance.

According to the event’s MC, Dagy Nyce, Bushingtone was the creative director and co-producer alongside Myk Ouma as they managed both on-stage and off-stage performances.

Dagy Nyce explained that Bushingtone turned off Alien’s sound to ensure a smooth transition for Fik Fameica to invite Spice Diana for their collaboration song “READY” before exiting the stage.

Despite the confusion caused by the overlapping sounds, Bushingtone aimed to avoid any conflicts by allowing Alien to perform three songs before making way for the scheduled program.

Alien Skin

However, Alien and his team performed over five songs, causing a time constraint due to other activities planned for the event.

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In the end, Spice Diana suggested letting Alien finish their set before she performed on another day, leading to the decision to cut off Alien’s sound until they left the stage at Bushington’s instruction.


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