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A Pass Condemns Music Battles, Claims They Split Fans

Singer Bagonza Alexander alias A Pass has come out boldly and condemns the skyrocketing new trend of musicians holding music battles.

Having pinnacled the Cindy vs. Sheebah music battle, several musicians have set out to take the same route, with Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone being the most recent.

However, in contrast, A Pass believes these music battles have done more harm than good in the Ugandan music business.

A Pass argued that music battles are fights that split fans who love musicians and what they but they are compelled to take sides and use derogatory language.

The singer and songwriter added that he prefers to work with other musicians, much as he did with Beenie Gunter and Vyper Ranking, than engage in music battles with them.

A Pass

A Pass further noted that musicians ought to embrace the culture of working together with fellow musicians as the only energy needed to build the music industry.

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I can never battle Beenie Gunter or Vyper Ranking, I would only collaborate with them which I have done already and I think that’s the energy we need as brothers. Battles are fights, they split fans who love us and what we do. People start taking sides & throwing insults. We don’t need that. #CollaborationOverCompetition


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