Rango Tenge Tenge, Mc Mariach, A Pass

A Pass Criticizes Mc Mariachi For Body-Shaming Rango Tenge Tenge at Comedy Store

Singer A Pass expressed his dissatisfaction with comedian MC Mariach for body-shaming TikTok sensation Rango Tenge Tenge.

During the Valentine’s Day event at the Comedy Store, Rango Tenge Tenge performed alongside renowned figures such as Mc Mariach and Da Ben.

However, amid the performances, Mc Mariach began making jokes that were considered disrespectful towards Rango Tenge Tenge, which did not sit well with many, including A Pass.

In response, the singer took to TikTok live broadcast to vent his frustration and criticize Mc Mariach for his actions.

A Pass believed that instead of mocking and demeaning Tenge Tenge under the guise of comedy, Mc Mariach should have uplifted him.

Rango Tenge Tenge, Mc Mariach, A Pass

The “Gamululu” star emphasized that Tenge Tenge is highly acclaimed in other countries, making it unfortunate that his own countrymen are resorting to demoralizing him.

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It is at this moment that A Pass strongly advocated for Comedy Store bosses to revise their guidelines in order to ensure the platform’s suitability for all attendees.


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