Abba Marcus

Abba Marcus Acquires A Brand New Mercedes Benz Ride on 18th Birthday

Jose Chameleone and Daniella Atim’s elder son Abba Marcus has unveiled his new ride as he celebrates his 18th birthday.

Having been born on 14th September 2005, Abba Marcus has today legally turned an adult upon turning 18 years old.

In addition to celebrating his birthday, Abba Marcus is ecstatic to have just acquired a brand-new Mercedes Benz ride.

Abba announced the exciting news of his new car acquisition through his Instagram stories, where he shared a photo leaning on the new black ride.

Abba Marcus

His father Jose Chameleone cemented the news of his son owning a new car when he congratulated him on both his new age and obtaining new wheels.

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Congratulations Abba Marcus New age, New ride Happy 18th Birthday son!!

According to reports, Abba’s new car is fulfilment from his father, since he pledged to buy him a new car when he was 18 years old.


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