GOSSIPAbdul Mulasi Recounts a Female Fan Giving Him Ugx 3M for One-Night...

Abdul Mulasi Recounts a Female Fan Giving Him Ugx 3M for One-Night Stand

Kadongo Kamu singer Abdul Ssemwogerere alias Abdul Mulasi has recounted how one of his female fans gave him Ugx 3M for a one-night “Kwepicha” marathon.

Abdul Mulasi is one of the veteran Kadongo Kamu musicians who enjoyed the peak of their careers to the fullest.

Abdul Mulasi was in high demand throughout his reign, and every lady yearned for a piece of him. This saw him establish what he deemed as a farm, where he engaged in multiple romantic relationships with different women.

During one of the press interviews, Abdul Mulasi recalled getting paid over Ugx 3M by a wealthy woman to have him for a whole night.

Abdul Mulasi

The self-proclaimed Rasta Smart adds that after the payment, the lady advised him to henceforth refrain from sleeping around with women who wouldn’t enrich his life.

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The Kadongo Kamu singer further implored fellow musicians to stop dating women who have nothing to put on the table besides s#x.


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