Abitex Promotions, Bajjo Events

Abitex Labels Bajjo a Disgrace to African Men After Kneeling Before Doreen Nasasira While Pleading for Love

Renowned events promoter Abitex Promotions has aimed Bajjo Events for what he perceives as a display of excessive emotions and a breach of cultural norms.

Bajjo’s public exhibition of his feelings and his act of kneeling before Doreen Nasasira during their romantic outing has drawn Abiex’s ire, who believes such behaviour to be unnecessary and embarrassing for a man.

Abitex, well-versed in the intricacies of Buganda culture, has emphasized that traditionally, it is the women who kneel before men, not the other way around.

By deviating from this cultural norm, Bajjo has not only raised eyebrows but also undermined the dignity and respect traditionally associated with African men.

Abitex Promotions, Bajjo Events

Expressing his disappointment, Abitex has urged Bajjo to reconsider his actions and uphold the values and principles that define African masculinity.

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He believes that Bajjo’s behaviour not only reflects poorly on himself but also perpetuates negative stereotypes about African men, who are often portrayed as weak or overly emotional.


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