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Abitex Promotions Vows to Sell Whatever He Has to Win the Contract Dispute Against Serena Bata

Events promoter Abitex real name Abbey Musinguzi has vowed to sell his belongings to win the contract dispute against his former signee Serena Bata.

Months back, Abitex Promotions issued stringent restrictions ordering all media houses to refrain from playing music Serena Bata recorded while still bound by his management.

Additionally, Abitex ordered Serena Bata not to dare perform anywhere these songs including Rukundo, Ofunye Omusoga, BikalubyeSingle and It’s OkayEbisenge,  Gwantama,  and Omulala citing that they belong to him and are registered with Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) as the property of Abitex Promotions.

Serena Bata came forward to contest the restrictions imposed by Abtex through the Uganda Musicians Association and her attorneys KTA Advocates in an effort to obtain justice.

A document cited by this website, reveals Abtex has never owned and does not own the intellectual property rights in singer Serena Bata’s works.

Abitex Promotions, Serena Bata

The letter continues by stating that Serena Bata only gave Abtex permission to use her works to promote her talent and creations and that the latter then duped the Uganda Registrations Services Bureau to have the singer’s creations registered as his own.

Serena Bata also details the commitments that Abtex broke in the letter, such as his failure to pay her rent, to return the car he had given her to aid in the promotion of her music, to declare the revenues from her record sales, and to make the full payments as agreed.

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Upon Abitex crossing paths with the letter, he was left with a sour taste in his mouth and vowed to go raw on the singer.

Abitex notes that Serena Bata never performed at more than 10 events throughout the period he signed her.

The promoter downplayed the singer’s claims that he didn’t pay her rent and took the car he’d given her, stating that the property in question wasn’t handed to the singer permanently but was instead intended to be taken back once she broke the terms of the contract.

Abitex maintained that he is not battling Serena Bata for the sake of money, but he wants to put a stop to her fraud.


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