Abryanz Brand Stands As Most Admired in Ugandan After 10 Years

Based on research conducted by GeoPoll, the world’s leading mobile surveying platform, with strategic analysis, insights and ranking conducted by Kantar has ranked the most admired brands of Africa and as expected top brands topped lists. Geopoll, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company and Brand Leadership Group, Africa’s foremost branding, strategic communication and intellectual property advisory firm has ranked Abryanz collection 2nd as Ugandan-owned most admired brand after Mukwano beating Nile Special came in 3rd.

The awards were held on Tuesday 11th July 2023 at a high-level media conference at Golden Tulip Canaan Hotel. Abryanz who attended the awarding ceremony was presented the prestigious accolade by Mr. Thebe Ikalafeng, the founder and Chairman of Brand Africa, from South Africa.

Abryanz, the CEO Abryanz collection gave an acceptance speech “Our commitment to crafting a unique brand identity has propelled us to the pinnacle of success. From our captivating fashion collections to unforgettable events, we’ve embraced our African roots while embracing global trends. With unwavering dedication, we’ve created a brand that resonates with the hearts of our customers, empowering them to express their authentic selves. Join us on this remarkable journey as we continue to redefine African fashion” he remarked.

“We are honoured to reward Abryanz Collection Store for the outstanding work you’ve done building this great brand,” Mr. Thebe Ikalafeng said d while presenting Abryanz the accolade.

Abryanz real name is Brian Ahumuza has for the past 12 years building his Abryanz brand as a mother company of the Abryanz collection, Abryanz events, Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards among other subsidiary subsets of the Abryanz brand.


Abryanz, a brand synonymous with elegance, creativity, and innovation, has demonstrated crucial business principles with remarkable success.
First and foremost, Abryanz has understood the significance of authenticity. Building a brand identity starts with knowing who you are and being true to that essence.

Abryanz has consistently stayed true to its roots, embracing its African heritage and incorporating it into its designs. By doing so, the brand has managed to capture the hearts of customers who yearn for originality and a genuine representation of their culture.

Another vital element of brand identity is consistency. Abryanz has established consistent visual and verbal language, ensuring that its message remains clear across all touchpoints.

From its captivating fashion shows to its online presence, Abryanz has carefully curated a cohesive brand experience. By maintaining this consistency, Abryanz has fostered familiarity and trust among its audience, allowing them to easily recognize and connect with the brand.

Moreover, Abryanz understands the power of storytelling. Every brand has a story to tell, and Abryanz has leveraged this narrative to build an emotional connection with its customers. Through its collections, Abryanz not only showcases exquisite fashion but also conveys a powerful story that resonates with its audience. By engaging its customers on a deeper level, Abryanz has created a loyal following and transformed its brand into a movement.


Abryanz has embraced innovation and adaptability. In today’s fast-paced world, brands must stay relevant and evolve with the changing times. Abryanz has consistently pushed boundaries, exploring new fashion frontiers and embracing emerging trends.

By doing so, the brand has remained ahead of the curve and captured the attention of a diverse and dynamic customer base.
Abryanz’s journey and strive to build brands that not only capture attention but also leave a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of our audience.

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Needless to say, Abryanz’s rise to the 2nd spot has been true hard work, consistency and innovation. Last year Telecom and Fintech company, MT Uganda emerged as the Most Admired African Brand in Uganda. Mukwano & DStv came in as the 1st & 2nd runners-up as Abryanz emerged 4th under this category this year.


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