Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine

“Academically, I am Superior to Bobi Wine. I Did PCM at A-Level, he Did MDD at University”- Bebe Cool.

Singer Bebe Cool has revealed that his A-level PCM combination makes him an academic giant compared to his nemesis Bobi Wine who did a diploma in Music Dance and Drama at Makerere University.

A few weeks ago, social media erupted over Bobi Wine’s admission that he has always been superior to his longstanding rivals Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone.

In a recent press interview, Bobi Wine was quoted saying that his contemporaries are aware of his superiority in all aspects of life, including music, academia, the physical, philosophical sciences, and finances.

This compelled Bebe Cool to publically challenge Bobi Wine’s academic credentials, noting that it it’s laughable for someone who has a diploma in Music, Dance and Drama to think he can be academically better than a person who did a subject combination of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at ‘A’ Level.

Bebe Cool

Bebe’s statement has already elicited a range of responses from online users, with some of whom cautioned him against associating A levels with the university level.

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Based on Wikipedia, Bebe Cool attended Aga Khan Primary School, Kitante Hill School, Makerere College School and Kololo Senior Secondary School.

However, he dropped out of school one year prior to his A-level completion before embarking on his musical career.


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