Haruna Mubiru, Acidic Vokoz

Acidic Vokoz and Haruna Mubiru concert dates clash

Singing Haruna Mubiru and Acidic Vokoz are looking forward to holding their concerts on the same date.

A few months back Hajji Haruna Mubiru announced his music concert that would be held on the 9th of August 2024 at Serena Hotel.

Earlier today, however, events promoter Abitex revealed how he anticipates supporting singer Acidic’s maiden concert on the same date.

Via his Facebook account, Abitex revealed that Acidic’s concert is dubbed “Ndi Musoga,” before pledging to avail more information like the venue in subsequent updates.

Acidic Vokoz

As the two concert dates draw close, music lovers will have to decide where to have fun between Acidic Vokoz and Haruna Mubiru.

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This is not the first time Abitex has made such decisions, as he organized Alien Skin’s concert at Freedom City as he rivaled fellow singer Pallaso.


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