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After Bagging 3 Awards at the HiPipo Music Awards, Alien Skin Claims Ugandan Awards Are Worthless

Fangone Forest singer Patrick Mulwana alias Alien Skin has criticized the Ugandan awards for their lack of value.

Despite winning several awards at the HiPipo awards, Alien Skin expressed his disappointment, stating that these awards hold no monetary worth and cannot be sold for profit.

He additionally stated that these accolades are crafted from wood and other materials of inferior quality, and engraved with paint.

In contrast, Alien Skin praised YouTube for delivering his silver plaque button directly to his doorstep, highlighting the stark contrast with the local awards.

Alien Skin even offered to give away or sell the less valuable awards to those who presented them to him, in order to spare them from the burden of creating new awards in the future.

Alien Skin, Alien Skin rewarded with a YouTube silver plaque

Furthermore, Alien Skin proposed that instead of distributing awards, organizers should consider providing monetary rewards.

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Alien Skin’s criticism of the Ugandan awards has sparked a debate among the music industry and fans alike. While some agree with his sentiments, others argue that awards are not just about monetary value, but also about recognition and prestige.


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