AK 47

Akay 47’s Heir Coronated, Widow Nalongo Maggie Misses Out at the Function

Late dancehall singer Akay 47’s heir was over the weekend revealed at a low-key ceremony and his widow Nalongo Maggie Kiweesi was nowhere to be seen.

On 16th March 2015, Akay 47 real name Emmanuel Mayanja was found lying helpless on the now defunct Dejavu bathroom floor which was owned by his then-manager Jeff Kiwa.

With blood and foam oozing from his nose and mouth respectively, the unconscious singer was rushed to Nsambya Hospital where he was pronounced dead a few minutes after arriving at the hospital.

Later, Ak was laid to rest in Busato, Mityana, where his family, friends, and fans commemorate an annual memorial day in honour of him.

In accordance with the Buganda custom, Ak’s 9-year-old son Xavier was chosen as his heir, and daughter Namuyomba Federesi as the co-heir.

AK 47

The coronation ceremony took so long, according to Ak’s father Gerald Mayanja, because it took so long to process the kids’ papers and as a result, they had to hold the event using their images.

According to Mr. Mayanja, he had intended to host the coronation ceremony at his late son’s graveyard, but the clan leaders recommended Ak’s house instead.

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He continued by saying that Maggie Kiweesi, widow of Ak, was not invited to the event since the family was unaware that she had been living in the nation for more than a year.

Mr. Mayanja insisted that because he is aware that Nalongo is in the nation, she will be informed ahead of another ritual.


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