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Alien Skin Accused Of Assaulting Bar Owner Who Advertised Him Without His Consent

Fangone Forest Entertainment singer Alien Skin is on the spot over assaulting people who advertised him without his consent.

In the course of this week, a Mukono-based promoter known as Lugendo Fred booked Alien Skin to perform at a show at Nkokonjeru playground.

A few days into the concert advertisement, Bombardier Sports Bar set out to advertise the same singer, claiming he had an after-party event there after his main show.

This did not impress Lugendo Fred, who had initially paid a considerable sum to hire Alien Skin. On calling the Fangone singer, he denied being booked by Bombardier and said he only had one gig in Nkokonjeru.

Fast forward, Alien Skin performed at his main event at Nkokonjeru playground, before storming Bombardier Sports Bar and demanding to know why they had used his name without his permission.

Alien Skin

Violence instantly broke out as Alien Skin and his men attacked the bar bouncer, the DJ, the boss and other customers before confiscating their mixer and the DJ’s hard drive.

One of the customers Kaweesa Bruno was hit in the process filed an assault case against Alien Skin at Ngogwe Police station, and obtained a reference SD ref: 26/31/08/23.

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Alien Skin had not addressed the accusation as of the time of publication, but we are confident that he will, and we’ll keep you informed.


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