Alien Skin, Dianah Nalubega

Alien Skin And Diana Nalubega Hit Studio Set to Drop a New Song Together | VIDEO

Frangong Forest Entertainment singer Alien Skin has taken to the recording booth to make a song with songbird Diana Nalubega.

Dianah Nalubega is one of the most talented female musicians Uganda has ever had. However, for reasons best known to her, she deviated from her musical course, leaving her fans perplexed.

As Alien Skin continues to share his shine with fellow musicians, he has teamed up with Dianah Nalubega to revive her career.

According to a video clip accessed by Exclusive Bizz, the pair is working on a music project, which they intend to finalise soon.

According to a verse, we crossed paths with, the song the works, is a love song, and Dianah can partly be heard pleading to Alien Skin to be her Adam.

Dianah Nalubega

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Diana Nalubega is not the first well-known artist to work with Alien Skin on a song, as a few weeks ago, the latter did a song with Clever J dubbed “Binyuma.”


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