Alien Skin, Bobi Wine

Alien Skin Challenges Bobi Wine to Sell His Assets And Donate the Proceeds to Show Struggle Commitment

Bobi Wine has been challenged by Alien Skin to demonstrate his commitment to the liberation of Uganda by selling his assets, which include Busabala Beach, Kawmokya properties, and his house in Magere.

Alien Skin believes that by divesting himself of these properties, Bobi Wine will align himself with the common people who are fighting for their cause.

Furthermore, Alien Skin suggests that the proceeds from the sale should be utilized for a noble purpose, such as establishing a UPE school or assisting those in need.

Alien Skin acknowledges that he is aware of the flaws within Bobi Wine’s camp, but he does not wish to publicly expose them.

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He questions how someone as wealthy as Bobi Wine can genuinely claim to be engaged in a struggle.

In contrast, Mulwana Patrick alias Alien Skin asserts that he has diligently worked to improve his circumstances and overcome adversity.

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Alien Skin’s disclosure arose after a physical confrontation with Bajjo Events in Makindye, during which the former’s vehicle was shot at by a security guard and tires punctured.


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