Champion Ogudo

Alien Skin Contemplates Returning Champion Ogudo to Kawempe Streets

By the look of things, singer Alien Skin is fed with the controversy surrounding Champion Ogudo real name Ssendiwala Deogratius as he contemplates returning him to Kawempe streets.

For a while now, Mc Kats has been criticising Alien Skin for turning down a bursary that was offered to Champion Ogudo by Kampala Parents’ School.

This saw Kats go ahead to engage Ogudo’s father, who vowed to drag Alien Skin to the Police if he failed to take his son to KPS.

Over the night, Alien Skin was involved in an in-depth discussion with MC Kats, Isaac Kawalya Kaiyz, and Dj Jacob Omutuuze on a TikTok livestream.

However, Alien Skin and Mc Kats failed to agree on several issues, which saw them trade unpleasant remarks. This compelled the former to order Champion Ogudo’s elder brother Swaba Champ to wake up early in the morning and take the kid back to Kawempe.

Alien Skin, Champion Gudo

It called for DJ Jacob Omutuuze’s intervention and pleaded to Alien Skin not to make such a decision because Ogudo is an innocent kid.

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Alien Skin admitted that he declined the Kampala Parents’ School Bursary for a number of reasons, including the fact that Champion Ogudo had a very long commute to school.

He added that he could afford to pay for Ogudo’s education at the best institutions in the country, before noting how he is fed of being castigated over the kid.


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