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Alien Skin Jumps Off a Moving Police Patrol to Escape Arrest Following a Fight With Pallaso

Alien Skin has jumped off a moving police patrol vehicle escaping arrest following his fight with fellow singer Pallaso.

On Mondy evening 29th May 2023, Pallaso and Alien Skin were embroiled in a physical fight following the latter allegedly disrespecting the former.

According to the video that Exclusive Bizz was able to secure, Alien Skin can be heard pleading that Pallaso won the fight.

However, Alien Skin’s submission didn’t him from enraged Pallaso, but rather triggered the ‘Malamu’ crooner to reignite the thrashing as he shouted; ‘it is not all about winning the fight, but give me respect M**ker.’

It required police assistance to defuse the situation, and as a result, Alien Skin was thrown onto the waiting Police Patrol.

Alien Skin

Alien Skin, however, jumped from the police patrol as it accelerated towards the police station, whereupon he vanished in the nearby buildings as bystanders applauded him.

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Have a look at the video below


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