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Alien Skin Orders Sanyuka TV not to Air His Performance or He Puts Down the Mic

The rivalry between Alien Skin and Sanyuka TV has taken a whole new twist as the Fangone Forest Entertainment singer ordered the media outlet not to broadcast his performance.

For the last few months, Alien has been at odds with Next Media-owned Sanyu TV over reportedly being against him and his ideologies.

In retaliation, Alien boycotted the Naguru-based media outlet and vowed never to take part in any of their interviews.

During the just concluded Purple Party in Fort Portal, the Fangone star’s crew hauled Sanyuka TV’s entertainment journalist Sandra Lian from the stage, claiming Alien couldn’t share the same stage with her.

As if that was not enough, before Alien commenced with his performance, he ordered that Sanyuka TV shouldn’t air his performance on their screens and failure to comply he was to put down the microphone.

Alien reasoned that he was hired by the brand Purple Party and not Sanyuka TV hence broadcasting his performance was uncalled for.

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The incident happened on Saturday 2nd September 2023 at the just concluded Purple Party tour in Fort Portal at Buhinga Stadium.


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