Alien Skin

Alien Skin Removes His Pants and Shirt On Stage, Bestow Them Upon His Fan | VIDEO

Fangone Forest singer Alien Skin’s recent Nkwacho festival was filled with memorable moments that left a lasting impression on his devoted fans and followers.

Not only did he showcase his musical talent and showmanship during his festival, but Alien also took the time to personally interact with his fans

Midway through his captivating performance, he was deeply moved by the overwhelming support from his fans and expressed his willingness to bring them joy in any way possible.

Surprisingly, the singer took off some of his garments, including his shirt and pants, and bestowed them upon a lucky fan who received them with great excitement.

Alien Skin

Alien’s genuine interest in his fans’ lives and stories profoundly impacted those lucky enough to have a moment with him.

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He has achieved this over the years, often demonstrating his generosity through giving away money, offering words of encouragement, and more.

Have a look at the video below;


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