Alien Skin

Alien Skin Reportedly Pockets Booking Fees and Fails to Perform in Mukono

Renowned singer Alien Skin born Mulwana Patrick of the “Sitya Danger” fame is on the spot for all the bad reasons.

According to Dj Fikie, on Friday last week, Alien Skin was booked for a performance in Mukono, and a deposit was given to him.

However, on the D-day event, Alien Skin showed up early at the venue and was asked to wait a bit before he could take on the stage.

Dj Fikie further narrates that Alien reportedly requested his balance, caused mayhem by hitting the bar bouncer, vandalized his car then fled with his crew.

Alien Skin

Dj Fikie tried to reach Alien SKin through a phone call, but all was in vain since he wasn’t picking up. The latter later Later, at around 3 Am phoned the former, with the intention of returning to perform even though the show had already achieved its climax.

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The bar manager later filed a case with the police, and soon relevant authorities will initiate investigations into the matter.

As they are willing to give him fuel, Dj Fikie suggested Alien either make amends with the bar owners and perform later or refund their money.


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