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Alien Skin Selling His UK Experience Story to Any TV that Can Foot Ugx 5M

Singer Alien Skin has revealed that he is selling his London experience story to any media house that can pay him Ugx 5M.

Following his London performance over the weekend, Alien Skin returned to the country yesterday and was warmly welcomed by an entourage of his fans and well-wishers at Entebbe Airport.

Despite efforts by several media houses to get him to speak about his London experience, he seemed uninterested, and he was heard telling one of the journalists how he was fed up with their cameras.

Unimpressed by Alien’s response to the media, some critics asserted that his ego will ultimately bring him to ruin.

However, based on the most recent development, Alien Skin didn’t want to take part in media interviews as he was planning to sell his London experience to the highest bidder.

Alien Skin

Based on the video cited by Exclusive Bizz, Alien Skin can be seen revealing how he is not ready to feature on any mainstream media addressing his London experience unless he is paid over Ugx 5m.

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According to Alien, media outlets have been given two days to purchase his story; otherwise, he will narrate it during a TikTok live broadcast.

He maintained that after revealing his story via TikTok, no media outlet is permitted to run it on their channels, or they risk being sued for copyright infringement.

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