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Alien Skin Survives Being Shot in Buwambo | VIDEO

Fangone Forest Entertainment singer Patrick Mulwana alias Alien Skin found himself in a harrowing situation when he and his crew narrowly escaped a terrifying shooting incident that unfolded after his electrifying show.

The night had started off on a high note, with Alien Skin mesmerizing the crowd with his electrifying performance, little did he know that the night would take a dark turn.

At the pinnacle of his performance, chaos suddenly erupted, shattering the euphoria that had filled the air.

The sound of gunfire erupted from individuals donning UPDF uniforms, causing a ripple of fear to spread through the gathering.

In response, a few members of Alien Skin’s closely-knit team sought shelter in the surrounding foliage and vehicles, struggling to make sense of the chaotic scene.

Alien Skin and his crew were well aware that their survival hinged upon maintaining composure and responding promptly.

Several members were seen retrieving their devices to record the incident, asserting its significance for future purposes.

alien skin

Despite the traumatic experience, Alien Skin’s resilience and determination shone through as he persisted in demanding his rightful performance balance before exiting the venue.

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Currently, the reason behind the turmoil remains undisclosed; nevertheless, we will ensure to keep you informed as further details are accumulated.


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