Alien Skin, Abitex, Promotions, Nkwacho Festival, Nkuuka 2023

Alien Skin to Hold Nkwacho Festival on 31st December to rival Nemesis Abitex’s Nkuuka.

Fangone Forest singer Alien Skin has made the decision to host the “Nkwacho” festival on the exact same day that his rival, Abitex Promotions, will be organizing the “Nkuuka” event.

It is worth mentioning that Alien Skin had initially intended to sell his festival to Abitex promotions, but due to a falling out between the two parties, he decided to put his plans on hold.

During the press activation for the “Nkuuka,” Abitex explicitly stated that both Alien Skin and Ronald Mayinja were not expected to perform at the event.

In response to this, Alien Skin made the strategic choice to schedule his own festival on the same date, seemingly in competition with “Nkuuka” which will be held at Lubiri-Mengo on 31 December 2023.

In a video obtained by this website, Alien Skin revealed that he took this action to challenge Abitex directly.

Alien Skin

Furthermore, he announced that the entrance fee for the “Nkwacho” festival would be Ugx 10K, in contrast to Abitex’s Ugx 15K.

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Alien Skin also mentioned that his Nkwacho festival will be held at Nakivubo stadium, and he emphasized that this would be his final concert in the music industry.


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