GOSSIPAlien Skin to Hold 'Nkwakyo' Eating Festival

Alien Skin to Hold ‘Nkwakyo’ Eating Festival

Upcoming singer Mulwana Patrick alias Alien Skin is geared up to hold ‘Nkwakyo’ festival in Kampala.

The Luganda word “Nkwakyo” refers to the stimulant substance Khat, which is well recognized for quickening communication between the brain and the body.

Due to its capacity to keep a person awake for a lengthy period of time, khat is primarily utilized by truck drivers who travel vast distances.

Ghetto residents, musicians, and many others adopted the substance, and as you read this, it is one of the most widely used drugs in society.

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Due to his ghetto upbringing, musician Alien Skin intends to host a gathering of Khat users where they will consume the drug all day long.

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In an interview, Alien Skin discussed his plans and said that musicians performing at the event would need to start as soon as possible in order to give Khat users time to enjoy their time together.

By the time of this publication, the singer had not provided information regarding the festival’s location or entrance charge, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we learn more.

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