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“Alien Skin Wanted Ugx100m for Nkwacho Festival” – Bajjo Events

Events promoter Andrew Mukasa Alfonso alias Bajjo Events has revealed that Alien Skin requested Ugx 100m from Abitex for the Nkwacho festival.

In the course of this week, Alien Skin revealed how he had halted the “Nkwacho” festival plans on the grounds that events promoter Abitex wanted to steal from him.

Alien Skin called off the event which was scheduled to take place at Buloba Forex Park Resort on 27th August 2023, before mentioning that he was to communicate the new venue and other details soon.

However, according to Bajjo Events, Alien and Abitex’s fallout stemmed from failure to agree on monetary terms, as the singer had requested Ugx 100m for the event.

With a promise to shortly deliver him the remaining money, Abitex gave Alien Ugx 10m as the booking fees. The latter, however, noticed that the festival dates were approaching but that the former had not yet given him his outstanding balance.

Alien Skin

Alien reacted by cancelling the event, citing he wasn’t ready to deal with someone who wanted to steal from him.

Bajjo continued by saying that Abitex had already made a Ugx 15 million reservation for the Buloba venue, and paid running adverts on several media outlets.

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Bajjo further hinted that Abitex intends to sue Alien Skin for causing him a loss of millions of money.


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