Alien Skin

Alien Skin’s HiPipo Music Awards Performance Cut Short as Chief Meddie Was Not Allowed to Perform.

Fangone Forest singer Alien Skin recently abruptly ended his performance at the HiPipo Music Awards due to the unfortunate incident of his crew member, Chief Meddy, being denied the opportunity to perform.

As one of the performers who had entertained the audience and won several awards at the prestigious event, Alien Skin had planned to make his performance even more special by inviting Chief Meddy, one of his upcoming musicians, to join him on stage.

The two artists had collaborated on a “Nyenyezamu”, and Alien Skin believed that sharing the stage with Chief Meddy would not only showcase their musical chemistry but also give his protégé a chance to shine.

However, HiPipo Music Awards organizers turned down his request, leaving the singer disappointed and disheartened.

In a moment of frustration and sadness, Alien Skin made the difficult decision to cut his performance short. He bid farewell to his fans, expressing his gratitude for their support.

Alien Skin

Alien Skin’s fans rallied behind him, expressing their disappointment with the organizers’ decision and calling for more inclusivity and support for emerging talents.

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Alien Skin’s bold move sparked a conversation within the music industry, shedding light on the challenges faced by upcoming artists and the need for established artists to use their platforms to uplift and empower others.


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