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Alleged Manager of Jamal Wasswa’s Imposter Accuses the Singer of Assault

The alleged manager of Jamal Wasswa’s imposter has come out and accused the singer and his team of assault and making off with his property.

After almost a year since Jamal Wasswa filed a complaint against his impersonator, he finally arrested the culprit’s alleged manager last night (Sept. 8).

The arrest attempt was established after Jamal was notified that his imposter and the manager Baby Rain had obtained money, to perform at one of the events in Seeta Mukono.

However, the imposter escaped narrowly upon learning that things had gone South, but his manager Baby Rain didn’t succeed in trying to trace the venue exit.

Baby Rain was thoroughly thumped as he resisted arrest by Jamal’s team. Earlier today, the former has resurfaced and distanced himself from the aforementioned allegations, claiming he is just an upcoming artist.

jamal wasswa

Baby Rain noted in the video accessed by Exclusive Bizz that Jamal Wasswa and his female manager illegally thumped him, sustaining injuries on the face and chest.

He further reveals that his valuables including his car keys, his wallet bearing his national ID, his Driving Permit, money and his phone went missing in the scuffle.

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He went on to note that he is currently going through excruciating pain due to the beatings, before demanding medical treatment and repossession of his valuables that got lost.


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