Emmanuel Lwasa, Angel Kwakunda

Angel Kwakunda claims Emmanuel Lwasa’s negligence led to her miscarriage

Angel Kwakunda claims that her ex-lover Emmanuel Lwasa is accountable for her miscarriage due to his negligence during her gestation period.

A few months back Emmanuel Lwasa expressed his discontent with Angel for claiming she had given birth to his kid and asked for money only to send him pictures of a baby’s hand.

While appearing in an interview with Kasuku, Angel acknowledged getting pregnant with Lwasa’s child, however, she refuted allegations of giving birth.

She noted that after getting pregnant, Lwasa dumped her, hence seeking shelter from her colleagues without access to food or medication.

Emmanuel Lwasa

In the due process, Angel claimed that she experienced a miscarriage, losing her first child with Emmanuel Lwasa.

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Angel went on to express frustration with Lwasa’s recent theft accusations, asserting that these allegations ruined her reputation as her 11-year-old kid who inquired about the specific items she took from Lwasa.

Furthermore, Angel asserted that she appeared before the camera to clear her name from Lwasa’s theft claims among others.


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