Emmanuel Lwasa, Angel Kwakunda

Emmanuel Lwasa unsure about being the biological father of ex-lover Angel Kwakunda’s baby

Renowned businessman Emmanuel Lwasa has found himself embroiled in a paternity dispute after his former partner, Angel Kwakunda, recently gave birth to a baby.

In a candid interview, Lwasa revealed his doubts about being the biological father of the child, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the situation.

Angel, who had informed Lwasa about the birth, further fueled his suspicions when she sent him a photo of the baby, revealing only a tiny hand.

This limited glimpse left Lwasa yearning for more concrete evidence to confirm his doubts or put them to rest.

Lwasa Emmanuel, Angel Kwakunda

Determined to seek the truth, Lwasa has resolved to conduct further investigations to gather conclusive evidence regarding the paternity of Angel’s baby.

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The revelation of this paternity dispute has sent shockwaves through the local community, as Lwasa and Angel were once considered a power couple, their relationship often making headlines in the media.


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