Brian White, Emmanuel Lwasa

Emmanuel Lwasa seeks financial help from Brian White

Emmanuel Lwasa seeks financial help from Brian White who recently returned to the country after several years away.

Masaka-based businessman Emmanuel Lwasa recently found himself in a dire financial situation. In several interviews, he openly discussed his struggles and the overwhelming burden of his financial difficulties.

Determined to find a way out of this predicament, Emmanuel Lwasa has taken the bold step of reaching out to Brian White, a well-known socialite and philanthropist, in the hopes of receiving much-needed financial assistance.

Having witnessed Brian White’s acknowledgment of his own struggles and his expressed intention to meet Lwasa, the latter saw an opportunity to potentially regain his financial stability.

In his appeal to Brian White, Lwasa expressed his deep admiration for the socialite’s philanthropic endeavors and his desire to follow in his footsteps.

Emmanuel Lwasa

Aware of the numerous individuals who have sought Brian White’s assistance, Lwasa made it clear that he was open to any means of support that the socialite deemed appropriate.

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Whether it be a direct financial contribution, business partnership, or mentorship, Lwasa expressed his willingness to explore all avenues that could lead to his financial recovery.


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