Joshua Baraka urges for enhanced venues and music studios in Uganda

Uganda singer Joshua Baraka has called for more enhanced venues and music studios in the country.

Following his successful concert dubbed “Into The B’RAKA LAND,” Joshua has vented his frustration with the prevailing quality of events venues and studios Uganda has today.

Taking to his X handle, Joshua Baraka revealed the significant gap between Uganda and other countries when it comes to venues and music studios.

Joshua Baraka acknowledged that there are numerous aspects he could criticize in the Ugandan music industry, but he couldn’t as it may be perceived as an attack on those involved, potentially as they may feel victimized.

Joshua Baraka

Joshua Baraka emphasized his commitment to continuously pray and work towards creating more opportunities and financial resources.

He believes that these efforts will contribute to the desired change he envisions for the music industry in Uganda.

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Uganda needs venues and better state of the art music studios with serious equipment….Tulimabega nyo…I have more to say naye people will feel attacked because I’ll be attacking them.…Let me keep praying and working for more opportunities/money so I can be the change I want


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